Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Coolest. Plane. Ever.

I've always loved Porco Rosso and his plane. Somehow I found the time over the last year to, little by little, cut, sand, sculpt and glue together a handmade model of Porco's Savoia plane (as well as all that to a couple fingers too). It's not entirely complete yet, with a few little details still missing but I felt I wanted to share my progress to all of you anyways. Enjoy!
Here's me and The Main Pig-Man himself at Anime Expo from a couple years back. I hope he would be proud of me! If not I guess I could work in Santa's Workshop... Dang, I have been losing some weight since then!


Tuesday, February 05, 2008

I hereby promise to post more...

Hi all,
Sorry to being so negligent to my poor blog and all of you here. Been working hard at Disneyland, getting more involved at my church, working hard on my animation reel and spending as much as I can with the love of my life! Well, here's a few goodies with my apologies, enjoy!

For starters, why should the people at Nickelodeon be the only people to enjoy this privilege? Direct from our Nickelodeon show in Burbank California, here's a tiny taste of what's to come in Hard Ei8ht Vol 2.And here's some doodles from Disneyland. Most from just before Christmas. Now, I know a lot of people wonder what goes on behind the scenes at Disneyland, but it's really not that exciting, mostly a lot of sleepy looking people watching TV, eating or checking their cell phones.
But as you can see here there is the occasional character without it's head. (Parents, cover your children's eyes)
For a while now I've thought it would be funny to make a Scrubs-ish show about us Cast Members at Disney. Looking at these again makes me really wish we could do something like that.

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