Sunday, August 31, 2008


Hey everyone, sorry for not posting as much. A lot going on at work and stuff that I think I might post some artwork on in a couple days. But, I wanted to plug a few of my friends websites first:

My good friend, Amber Dempsey Shikuma, has a wonderful new website up where you can view her work and when you see how awesome she is I know you're all gonna wanna hire her to do your wedding sculpture or maquette. Last Christmas she even did some awesome ornaments caricaturing a couple of our friends including your's truely. You can see them at her blog here. But definitely check out her main site here. Awesome work!

My friend Theresa also has a really cool website for a comic book she's working on. Full of neato Sci-fi-iness and very cool moving graphics. It sounds like a pretty cool project. Worth checking out.