Wednesday, August 11, 2010

August Sketch

New sketch for sale at Off the Page at California Adventure based on Mickey and Minnie in the short "Hawaiian Holiday." If you're interested in purchasing it, it'll only be available this month!
More info here at the official site here: The Art of Disney Parks

I'm also working on a redesign of my website with some of the animation tests I've been making for my portfolio reel. When I finish I'll announce it here within the next month or two. Thanks all of you who still visit, sorry about the infrequent posts!


At 2:38 AM, Blogger Brinaj78 said...

Hey, Brian! This is Sabrina here, I was in Off the Page Friday evening and requested the Basil drawing from you. :D I forgot to ask when in the store: is it okay if I show the drawing online to my friends? I would give full credit to you, of course. Thanks so much and take care!

At 10:57 AM, Blogger Brian Growe said...

Yeah, that's alright feel free to show it around. Glad to do it, it's fun to draw him.

At 4:11 PM, Blogger Perry Linton Joseph Osuna said...

Looking real good, I'm loving the new works!!!

At 8:18 AM, Anonymous Cécile Déotte said...

Hello! I often come on your blog and I finally found the courage to leave you a comment!
Just a small question if you are entitled to answer it:
I believed to understand that you worked on the shop " off the page " as artist sketch it is good it?
How are become artist sketch and where has to send a cv and a portfolio? And for the portfolio what they ask for?
Thank you in advance for all!

I really like your work!
(I hope that you will understand! I am French sorry)

At 8:42 PM, Anonymous ian said...

Interesting and beautifull pic I like it.
Congrats for your works and your blog.

At 1:06 PM, Blogger Kristin said...

Hello! After seeing some of your work on the Disney Parks blogs and finally getting a name to match the signature on the three Off the Page sketches I have, I wanted to say thank you for your work! They turned out beautifully and are wonderful souvenirs of happy trips with my family to the parks. I have a Robin Hood from a 2007 trip, a Roger Rabbit and a Basil of Baker Street from a 2010 trip, and I love that they're all by the same artist. So thanks for your work, and have a wonderful summer! -Kristin


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