Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Comic Con Report

Hey Everybody, I had a wonderful time at Comic Con this year! Got to meet and talk to a lot of cool people, had a few awesome drawings done, picked up some great loot and am really jazzed for doing some more drawing. I know I don't normally post pics, but I thought, just this one time it's ok. Back with some more drawerings soon! Enjoy!
Nerds beginning to arrive...Right before the crowds on opening night
The Hard Ei8ht booth
The Master!Our rowdy neighbors The Those Guys
A candid picture my friend Master Shikuma took of me sketcherin', yipes!The master himself and his fiancee, Amber Dempsey(!)
Do not accept checks from this man...Master Buckley!Master "The Gute" during an ongoing rubberband war with The Those GuysMaster Osgood McSonogram himself
Pierre Alary drawing Marie for me!Habeus Corpus!
Me and some Freak(azoid)My loot

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